Making a planet cake….

Here is the previously promised planet cake video 🙂

The pictures you can’t quite see in the background are a plan of the cake (in the picture below) and that classic photo of Earth seen through Saturn’s rings as the little tiny blue dot.

Frustratingly, the side we cut into the green (metallic hydrogen) layer was a bit mixed in with the outer atmosphere of Saturn! It actually came out much better the other side, but we ate that so you’ll have to take my word for it…

If anyone is thinking of doing this themselves please (please!) cook the core completely then fill the edges of the molds with the next layer’s mixture and place the cooked core inside it to cook again and continue this way. I thought this was stupid initially so tried everything else including pushing the empty bowls into the outside layers (they moved around as the cake cooked) and even putting the raw cake mixture in a bowl in the centre of the outside bits (I don’t know why I thought this would be a good idea…) Spare yourself the grief and hours of cooking and do it the this way!

The inspiration for this video was from a picture off this blog (there is actually a tutorial on here that I didn’t realise existed before so if you want to actually make the cake this is probably the more sensible [though less educational] video to watch :P)

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