Revison Antics

Exams are only five weeks-ish away. The year is enarly over (HOW. HOW HAVE I BEEN HERE FOR A YEAR?!) The weather has (of course) improved drastically just as I chain myself to my desk. Courses are drawing to a close. Oh wow.

So revision. I am terrible at revising, I’ll put my hands up and say it. I just find it very very hard to get started and I inevitably end up taking a lot of tea breaks. And biscuit breaks. And food breaks in general. And of course I need an appropriate spotify playlist for my mood. And the temperature of the room has to be just right – is the window open too wide? Not wide enough? I do get a breeze across my legs when I’m sitting at my desk and the window is open. Oh look at that, I’ve finished my tea before I’ve even started. Back to the kitch- wait a second.

So revision tips for uni:

1. Start early. Do not make my mistakes, dear friends. You think that you can not work over Christmas? Hate to tell you this but you will not have a relaxing Christmas holiday for the next three years of your life. Get used to it now.

2. Organise your stuff. I have a French oral on Friday and my entire year’s worth of French coursework, homework and handouts are currently scattered across my room, in various different folders and under my bed. The thought of needing to hand in all the coursework I have received back this year is mildly terrifying considering I have no idea where most of it is.

3. Have everything you need on your desk. Get snacks, a jug of water or a thermos of tea, laptop, textbooks, pens, notebooks and have everything set up on your desk. That way you won’t be going back and forth to the kitchen and rummaging through drawers constantly. Refer to photo below for how not to have your desk.

The sad thing is, it can be A LOT worse than this
The sad thing is, it can be A LOT worse than this

4. Be comfortable. It’s important to have your desk set up in a way that is comfortable for you to use. Have your laptop near the front so you’re not straining your wrists, don’t hunch over your textbooks (consder getting a book stand) and make sure your desk chair is comfortable. (Massive thanks to friendly repair man who came to fix my chair today and then bought me up a brand new chair WITH WHEELS )

5. Just start. That’s the hardest part. Don’t procastinate.

On that note, I’ll stop writing blog posts and get back to cell junctions.

Best wishes for everyone sitting their A Levels soon!


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