Both the Felix and the Tab today released an article stating that after a year of open opposition from the Union and most of the student body, all halls in Evelyn Gardens will be closed down at the end of next academic year.

Fisher hall is among those being shut down at the end of next academic year
Fisher hall is among those being shut down at the end of next academic year

I for one am absolutely gutted by this news. I have loved living in Evelyn Gardens so far this year and for people who want to live close by but can’t afford Prince’s Gardens, it’s the perfect place to live as it’s only a 20 minute walk away. Imperial will be moving all of this accommodation to Acton, 30 minutes away by public transport and over an hour to walk, meaning that students will need to shell out quite a lot of money in tube/bus costs whilst living in halls of residence.

I can understand why Imperial are unwilling to renovate Evelyn Gardens  for future years of intake to enjoy but I’m quite disappointed by the fact the accommodation is being moved so far away. I know older students who lived far away from campus in their first years and they found it very isolating being so far away from campus. I guess a benefit of being a bit further out is that local amenities and pubs etc will be cheaper, but it’s still a disappointing blow to those who have lived in and loved Evelyn Gardens.

My advice for people applying for accommodation this year? Don’t rule out the chance to live in Evelyn Gardens in the last year that anyone will be able to. I really don’t think you’ll regret it.





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