Why You Will Want to Live in Halls

1. Guaranteed that you have friends waiting for you there, you just need to find them.

2. Great way to get to know the area and the university before you start lectures.

3. When it’s 1am and you’re coming back from the Union and you don’t want to go to bed yet, you can always find someone to have late night chats with.

4. Movie nights.

5. Hall organised events such as ice skating, musicals, Easter egg hunts, bowling, meals out and formals.

6. Feeling lonely? Make dinner then text everyone you know. Chances are at least a couple of people will come and eat with you.

7. It’s so sociable! You get to know loads of people and there’s always someone to walk to College with in the morning.

8. There’s a security and maintenance team at every set of halls so you’re safe and it’s easy to get help if something goes wrong. For example, say the handle snaps off the latch when you’re trying to leave your room, your roommate has already left, you’re locked in and you have an essay to hand in… You can ring the hall office to come and break your door in and free you! (Not that this has ever happened to me of course…)

9. Free tea and coffee! Well in Fisher anyway we have a little ‘bar’ called the Fish Bowl where you can free tea and coffee and cheap pick and mix on week nights.

10. Table football!

11. If you want to save your cash, there are some seriously cheap options for accommodation at Imperial. I feel so blessed to be living in such a great area for hardly any money!

12. The halls in Evelyn Gardens have beautiful back gardens (although if you end up in Fisher you’ll have to befriend people in the other EG halls to get in to their gardens… we’re not allowed to use ours)

13. Vastly improves your independence. Washing, cooking, cleaning and generally being responsible for yourself is a massive part of living in halls and it definitely improves your self confidence and cooking skills.

14. It’s just super fun, you meet some amazing people and have some fantastic experiences. I will never regret my decision to apply for accommodation at Fisher.

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