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This is a bit of a disjointed blog catching you up on a few odds and ends. Some more interesting Physics will be coming soon—I have decided that I am going to try and write a blog summary of some of the courses we are doing— after all, if I can explain them coherently then I must understand them, right?

Last week I started my last lab cycle of second year! That is a slightly terrifying thought. Also I finally have a lab partner again! I am fairly confident she won’t read this blog so will say that she is lovely and if you look away for ten seconds starts working out uncertainties, which is probably the best quality you can hope for in a lab partner (damn those uncertainties).

Horizons has been very interesting recently—we have had two great speakers, one who runs the science section of The Green Man festival and a radio presenter. They were both so enthusiastic about their jobs and their method of communication that they brightened a couple of otherwise very long Mondays. The deadline is fast approaching for my horizons essay which involves comparing a citizen science website to a museum exhibit, so I have been frequently popping next door into the Science Museum to examine the Exploring Space gallery.

In other science writing news, I hopefully have an article about the limits of space travel in I, Science (Imperial’s science magazine) coming out soon, and have finally entered my essay into the RCSU Science Challenge. I have also discovered the perfect internship for this summer, but more on that later! I think internships might well deserve a whole blog of their own…

This weekend I went back home for a bit of a catch up with my family. I did some shopping, absolutely no washing up and made some tasty welsh cakes, it being St. David’s day, which takes us nicely into the miscellaneous baking section of this blog. This evening we belatedly celebrated the birthday of one of my housemates with copious amounts of cake and ice cream.

blah 3
Teamwork : )
The finished product. You can’t say that Imperial doesn’t have artistic talent.


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