Christmas Holidays

What award goes to the designers of door knockers?

A no bell prize!

A cracking cracker joke there : )

Since I am back in London tomorrow, here is a rather belated Christmas holidays blog. It is mostly just an excuse to include some photos (my blogs are usually so word-heavy!)

 Like most people’s Christmases it involved much seeing of relatives various, lots of food and, of course, raging about the new Jeeves and Wooster book by the evil Sebastian Faulks. The Physics department have been kind this year, so I got to watch my sister revising for her first set of Biology exams while I was free(eeeeeeee).

To start, here is a bad picture of my best friends with my new cocktail shaker. The creative process of making cocktails was helped along by my parents mysteriously having poured whisky into a bottle marked dark rum.


Here is my sister being very excited about riding on Grandad’s new tractor.

Compressed tractor

This is my brother dressed as Father Christmas.

Compressed santa

Here is a picture of our much fought-over Christmas cake in its final glory. Extra points if you can spot John Travolta-Gingerbread.

compressed cake

Poker on New Year’s Eve.

compressed poker

Alex eating caviar in his Christmas basketball jersey. (Yey Houston Rockets yey)

compressed alex

In other news, we now have family plans to go skiing at Easter! Life ambition achieved!

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