Things Which Will Surprise You About Coming to University

How tired you will be and how unembarrassed you will become about taking naps in public. I’m talking lectures, the library, computer rooms, and in my building (Sir Alexander Fleming Building or SAF as we affectionately term it) there are lots of grotty looking sofas on the ground floor. If you study biology or medicine I almost guarantee that will you attempt to nap on the SAF sofas before your time at Imperial is out.

How much you will just not care about your appearance. I mean, everyone likes to make an effort for certain events and occasions, but whereas at home I would never go to college without having washed my hair and thought about my outfit, I am pretty happy here to just put on anything and go. And yes. I have been out in my slippers. Several times. One of my favourite things to do in South Kensington is walk to the big Sainsbury’s wearing my enormous CU hoodie (usually with odd stains on it from whatever I’ve cooked that day), a bobble hat and trainers and count how many odd looks I get from immaculately dressed middle aged women walking their tiny dogs.

Just how much you can fit into a short space of time when you really put your mind to it. Whether this is getting up at 8.25 to leave at 8.30 for a 9.00 lecture or accidentally overwriting the most recent copy of your bioinformatics assignment and having to rewrite half of it and put all the references in 40 minutes before the deadline, you will truly astound yourself at times.

How much you will come to appreciate pasta and noodles. I’ve branched out a bit since then but during freshers week, literally all I ate was wraps and lettuce for lunch and pasta and pesto for dinner. Freshers week will be a blur of carbs.

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  1. I beat you to the awkward naps – been doing so far too regularly the past few years anyway. I think you summed up some of the key points pretty beautifully. Proud of ya! (your friend…)

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