Social life part I: People at Imperial

First a nominal post about social life at Imperial– it’s not at all what the rumours suggest! In fact, you will never make any friends and I’m still crying alone in my room most days. On rare other days, I make it to lectures and cry there.

Just kidding! Social life here is incredible, varied, and a completely different experience than high school. Everyone at Imperial came here for more or less the same reasons, and that counts for more than I expected when you’re making friends with people. We’re not all massive geeks, though we have those too, but being at Imperial means you’re down with talking science over lunch, will inevitably get excited over something in your lectures, and don’t have to pretend you find learning boring.

Of course there are exceptions (He came here purely because of the ranking, her parents made her apply here, everyone from their high school went to one of the Golden Triangle unis), but the vast majority of us are here because we find science and technology to be legitimately interesting.

Obviously I don’t sit in every single lecture thinking “My word, cell division is literally the coolest thing that’s ever been discovered!” But I, and all of the people I know, have learned things that really speak to them. And, for that actual “Oh my god, optogenetics is literally the coolest thing that’s ever been discovered!” moment, welcome to Imperial!

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