Guidelines on submitting notices

To submit a notice, please email:

For details of who can submit notices to the Postgraduate Noticeboard and the type of notices that can be listed, please see Purpose of the Postgraduate Student Noticeboard.

Notices will be removed shortly after the expiry date (for instance after the event or closing date has passed), or one calendar month after posting if a date has not been supplied. Notices are posted at the discretion of the Postgraduate Noticeboard administrator.

Suggestions for information to include in your notice:

  • Make sure that you provide as much information as possible e.g. date, time & location (including contact details and/or a link to a website)
  • Suggest the category or categories that you think the notice should be listed under
  • State if it’s for postgraduate students in general, for Master’s or Doctoral level students or a particular group of students
  • State if it’s only of interest for students at a particular campus
  • Provide an expiry date and/or let us know when the opportunity is no longer available (if relevant)
  • Feel free to attach an electronic version of advertising material if you have one

Who can submit notices?

  • College staff on behalf of their department or division
  • Imperial College London students and alumni
  • Graduate Students’ Union (GSU), Imperial College Union (ICU) and associated unions, clubs & societies
  • External organisations including member institutions of the Exhibition Road Cultural Group
  • Other institutions or organisations with a vested interest in advertising specific opportunities to our postgraduate community

Notices can be listed under the following categories, and in more than one if applicable.

  • Conferences & Courses
  • Competitions
  • Events
  • Funding, Studentships & Awards
  • Internships, Volunteering & Work Experience Opportunities
  • Miscellaneous

College alerts, changes in policy, welfare advice abd service improvements/changes may also be included here if deemed appropriate, however, this information will usually be highlighted in the weekly newsletters circulated by the Graduate School.

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