Volunteer for Imperial Lates

What are the Imperial Lates?

They’re a series of adults only evening events where the public can have fun with research, chat to scientists and have a drink with friends. There are 5 in the academic year, each on a different theme, and lots of different kinds of content including: live experiments, creative workshops, inspiring talks, games, performances and anything we think might inspire curiosity and allow people to have a bit of fun!

When are they and when would I need to be there?

  • All Lates run: 6pm – 9pm | Various dates (below) | College Main Entrance, South Kensington Campus
  • Volunteer shift times are always 5.30pm – 9.30pm

Your night as a volunteer:

  • No experience needed, full briefing provided and we rotate you every hour of your shift to make sure you have a range of experiences!
  • Tasks include: welcoming visitors and answering questions, helping with a particular talk/event or providing support to researchers taking part
  • Be part of the buzz on the night! The researchers come up with really creative ways to engage the public and it’s our role to support them
  • Join us after we close to the public for backstage pizza for everyone involved – a great chance to chat and meet people.

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What are the themes?

Science without borders – 9 October 2019

Our globetrotting, ocean crossing and jungle trekking community of worldy scientists descend on South Kensington to tell stories of exploration and adventure. This is your chance to tour the world of science; from new, low-cost prosthetics engineered in Mozambique and diet monitoring wearable tech trialled in Ghana, to oil-spill clean-up sponges developed in India. In Europe we will be exploring gardening therapy for patients in Italy and bumblebee surveys in Arctic Sweden, whilst saving a species of apple tree from extinction in central Asia

Infectious – 12 November 2019

Join our ‘infectious’ scientists to get hands on with everything from superbugs to a zombie apocalypse and state of the art diagnostics to STIs. Hear stories from the front line of the fight against disease, watch antimicrobial resistance theatre and try not to spend too long in our Infectious Arcade!

Winter Wonderlab – 5 December 2019

In the festive period as the nights draw in, we celebrate the chillier side of science. From the low temperature physics and the freezing temperatures of outer space, to Arctic surveys and glaciology, via all manner of sub-zero chemistry and festive fun, embrace the cold in our Winter Wonderlab.

Future Commuter – 13 February 2019

If you’ve ever experienced the joys of the London commute, sat in traffic on the M25 or worried about the carbon footprint of a summer get away, you may have wondered what the future of transport might deliver. Well now is your chance. Travel over to Imperial in February to meet the scientists and engineers exploring the probabilities of our future mobility.

Beautiful Data – 12 March 2019

Data, data everywhere but perhaps we should stop and think? This most precious of commodities could deliver breakthroughs in medicine and patient care, help us better understand the universe or make our lives easier by training our household devices and phones to know what we like. But does the data revolution also threaten our personal privacy and how much of a say do we have in how our data is used? Explore both sides of this (bit)coin at Imperial Lates.

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