Month: September 2019

FAO Professor Simone Buitendijk: Invitation to partner with Springer Nature

Could your researchers and students help shape the future of scientific publishing?

At Springer Nature we are always looking to understand researchers’ needs, so we can better serve the scientific community. Part of this process involves us working with the post graduate students and researchers who use our products, and who are who are interested in helping us to maximise the accessibility of scientific research.

In the past we have worked with researchers across the scientific community, who have been kind enough to share their thoughts and opinions with us to ensure our websites meet their needs.

We are currently looking to work with researchers and post graduate students who can help us improve our products and services, such as and SpringerLink.

What would students/researchers need to do?

Participation can range from informal one-to-one conversations and group discussions to online surveys and testing of our design software; they can find out more and/or sign up to participate here Depending on the type of research, we may offer an e-voucher for the researcher’s time, or make a charity donation on their behalf if they prefer.

How can you help?

I would very much appreciate your input as to how we might work together with the student community at  Imperial College to make them aware of this opportunity. I will call you in the next few days or so, to see if you can help, or if not, if you can let me know who would be the best person to contact.