Natural History Museum engagement opportunities – 6th September application deadline

Get involved in the European Researchers Night (ERN) at the Natural History Museum (NHM) on 27 September 2019! There are two opportunities available – please see below for details and attached for the relevant form.

ERN overview

The theme of ERN 2019 is World Wild Webs: Our interconnected planet. We will be looking at the collaborative work of scientists around the world in helping us to understand the interconnected nature of our planet and to conserve the web of natural connections that we depend on to survive. There are four zones and messages (titles TBC):

  • Nature’s Network – Scientists are unravelling the complex ecosystems and still unknown scale of biodiversity to understand the natural networks that underpin all life on our planet today.
  • Home – Researchers are exploring how we can use our planet’s natural resources and take inspiration from nature to devise sustainable solutions to existing problems, helping the planet we depend upon to thrive.
  • Browsing history – Using clues from our planet’s deep past scientists are discovering how our present day environment evolved and how it might respond to future challenges like Climate Change.
  • Hyperlinked – Scientists are using digital technology to collaborate in new ways and on a global scale, driving innovative research that has worldwide benefits and sharing it beyond the scientific community.

Opportunity 1. Stands, talks and activities as part of the public Friday evening event

To get involved: Please fill out the external ideas form linked below and return to Cristina Torrente ( by Friday 2nd August.

There are a variety of ways that researchers can take part in ERN – from science stations to engage visitors with objects, equipment and specimens, to discussion activities and a Science Bar. More details in the attached form.

Opportunity 2. Schools events in the lead up to ERN

To get involved: Please fill out the external ideas form linked below and return to Joe Sullivan ( by Friday 6th September.

In the weeks leading up to ERN, the museum will be delivering a programme of free 60 minute secondary schools sessions, in partnership with Imperial College London (ICL). The schools session will be based on a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitching activity. Scientists from NHM and Imperial (3 per event) will talk about their research topics, and in teams the students will have time to ask questions, and then decide who they will award their funding to and why. It is a fun and interactive session, and is really effective at encouraging students to generate questions and engage with scientists. The NHM will provide engagement training for all scientists taking part including sections on messaging, audience, delivery and talking to teenagers. More details and dates in the attached form.

ERN schools activity form


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