GSU is calling on you – Share your Supervision Story!

GSU is calling on you – Share your Supervision Story

The quality of supervision at Imperial is a hot topic, because College decision-makers are becoming more and more aware that it is the major predictor of satisfaction and well-being of any PhD student. There are many great supervisor-student relationships out there, and some are not so great.

We want to offer a platform where stories can be shared anonymously. The idea is to show to others how supervision can work well and that you are not the only one experiencing problems if you do. Share your story and tell us and your peers where the College system has successfully supported you to solve your problem, or where you failed to receive the response you wished for.

The Graduate Student Union (GSU) will make sure that your stories are shared totally anonymous and depersonalised in the College Newspaper Felix. Once a month, Felix will publish two diverse supervision stories. Be one of the first to share yours!

Submit your 300-400 words story to the GSU president here

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