Month: July 2018

Take part in Imperial Lates’ 2018/19

The Public Engagement team at Imperial are today announcing the return of the Imperial Lates’ series for the 2018/19 academic year. And we are offering all Imperial students and staff the opportunity to engage the public.

Imperial Lates’ are Imperial’s free evening events in South Kensington where different research themes are brought to life through live demonstrations, creative workshops, interactive experiments and inspiring talks.

Last year’s four events were attended by over 2,500 public and the series represents a major way in which the College shares the wonder of what we do, and ensures our research continues to be carried out for the benefit of society.

So whether you are keen to inspire, gain new perspectives on your research or actively work with the public on future collaborations or new project ideas whilst developing your skills in engagement, Imperial Lates’ are a great for taking your work and out of the lab and in front of brand new audiences.

I feel much more confident in developing and creating hands-on societal engagement activities involving making

A 2017/18 exhibitor

I thought that Fringe was awesome and made a bunch of contacts

A 2017/18  exhibitor

If any Imperial staff, researchers or students would be interesting in taking part, please read through the programme of Imperial Lates’ topics listed below, and the guidance attached on the type of ideas we are interested in, and then fill in our short proposal form available here.

If you would like to discuss your ideas before putting in a proposal, or if you are interesting in taking part in Imperial Lates’ but not sure how to translate your research into an activity that might work well at once of these evening events, please get in touch with our Imperial Lates’ organiser, James Romero. His email address is

Reports and pictures from last year’s events can be found here:

A Space Odyssey

Walking in the Air

Intelligence Redesigned

Invention Dimension

2018/19 Imperial Lates’ Programme – the five events for the 2018/19 academic year are each themed around a particular topic, chosen either because of their ability to attract public audiences, including new audiences to campus as well as a way to build public engagement capacity in key departments and topics around the College


In October 2018, the government launches Green Great Britain Week. As part of this Imperial have been invited to showcase how green technology and sustainable innovation can help address these environmental issues. We want to empower the public to get involved in the conversation around climate change, and inspire creativity around how we are tackling it.


From viruses, bacterial infections and pandemics to the creative approaches to prevent and treat them. We will be exploring our relationship with infection, right from the discovery of Penicillin right up to new challenges around Anti Microbial Resistance. Help us get the public talking about infection and how we can tackle it.


Our ever popular Festive Fringe will this year focus on maths, from the pure pursuit of understanding, to its application in every area of academic investigation and technology innovation. As a festive fringe, we’re hoping to get creative and celebrate the work being carried out across the College.


A closer look at the latest research into wearable technology, clothing design and next generation clothing materials taking place during London Fashion Week.


Inspirational women everywhere are pushing the boundaries higher, further, faster and challenging what it means to be a women in the modern world. Join us not only to celebrate amazing achievements, research and innovations, but be part of the conversation about equality across the sciences and the arts.

N.B If you are keen to take part in one of our public engagement events but the themes below don’t fit with what you might want to exhibit, demonstrate or discuss, don’t worry! There are plenty more events throughout the year, including our Imperial Festival and Lates events with our friends along Exhibition Road -we would still be delighted to hear about your ideas for engaging the public in your research.