Imperial Speakers Toastmasters Club

Our club helps students improve their public speaking and communication skills in a friendly and supportive environment. At every meeting, students have the opportunity to give speeches on a variety of topics, practice impromptu speaking, offer constructive and detailed feedback to each other, and socialize with a diverse group of people from across the Imperial College community. Each meeting provides a valuable opportunity for students to hone the public speaking skills that are essential to effective lab meetings, conferences, class presentations, and other professional events. Our club serves undergraduate and postgrad students from all backgrounds, as well as staff members and postdoctoral researchers.

We are working diligently to increase our club’s profile on campus. Therefore, we would sincerely appreciate it if you could share information about our club on any email lists, college news websites, or other online resources for the students you serve.

Our meeting schedule during this term is every Thursday at 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm at Sir Alexander Fleming Building room 119. The only exceptions are on January 11th and February 22nd when we are meeting at Huxley Building room 140.

Students can visit as many meetings as they wish as guests, but a membership fee applies if they would like to be an official member of the group. Membership rates can be found on the club’s Union page.

Links to our pages:

Imperial College Union website

Club website

Facebook page

Facebook group


Email contact for general enquiries:

Best wishes, Katia Hougaard

VP of Education and PR, Imperial Speakers Toastmasters Club

MRes Molecular Plant and Microbial Sciences 2016-17

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