Featured Image – High Above Queens Tower

Some images get more usage than others, and this set from a secret location high above the Campus  have certainly seen some action.

Image © Thomas Angus / Imperial College London  [Click Image to expand]

For a long time I had wanted to get into this location to get this series of shots, so once I had access I was up there like a ferret up a drainpipe. The resulting images have been used extensively, from your  login page on any machine on campus, the cover of the image library, Prospectus cover, Graduation Programme cover, the list goes on…

So what does it look like up here? (notice the absolutely safe tripod arrangement to hold the camera tantalisingly out of the window)

I’ve used a very small aperture for these images to give me a meaty depth of field for front to back focus, this does make for longer exposure times hence the tripod, the night shot for example is a 5 second exposure.

The small aperture also means the light coming through the aperture blades is very sharp causing visible stars in the lamps on the image, for example the red lights on the horizon and the lights on the roof in the foreground, the stars in your image will have more or less spikes depending on how many aperture blades there are in your lens. Using a shallower depth of field would mean these would slowly become more rounded as the blur or “bokeh” increases.

Image © Thomas Angus / Imperial College London  [Click Image to expand]

The Panorama shot that appears on the Image library homepage, shown below, which was also on display on a 2 metre print at the Heroes exhibition, is shot slightly differently. This is a stitched composite image of a series of photographs and the original is massive.

Image © Thomas Angus / Imperial College London  [Click Image to expand]

An image from the same location but in the summer as used on the College login pages.

Image © Thomas Angus / Imperial College London  [Click Image to expand]

These images have also turned up on our print collatoral.

The original image along with the others from this set are on the image library here.

How to shoot in the dark?

Do you know you have free access to Lynda courses with your college login?

Here is a short video exploring shooting at night and in low light on Lynda.com.

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