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Flamingo’s, Duck’s and Arthritis

On the 20th November 2013, the MSk Lab opened its skills lab to host a number of delegates to take part in a one day course: Uni-Knee Arthroplasty – Medial and Lateral Procedures. Supported by Biomet, the day was packed with insightful talks by a number of experts in the morning and then dry bone workshops in the afternoon – with a bit of bone crushing for good measure!

“I liked the memorable comparison’s eg; Flamingo’s get lateral compartmental arthritis and ducks get medial compartmental arthritis” (regarding a talk given by Professor Justin Cobb)

Uni-compartmental arthroplasty is not widely practised yet is an extremely successful and beneficial operation for patients to have – in most cases more so than total knee arthroplasty.

Essentials of External Fixation – one day course for trainees

On the 9th July 2013, twenty orthopaedic trainees from all over the UK attended the MSk Lab to take part in a newly developed one day training course. This national course, for trainees ranging from CT1-ST4, was organised by the simulation training team – Mr Akash Patel (Honorary Clinical Lecturer), Mr Chinmay Gupte (Lead Consultant) and Mr Amarjit Anand (Honorary Clinical Lecturer). Orthofix (, a global manufacturer of external fixation components, sponsored and supported the course.

External fixation is an important option in the armamentarium of any orthopaedic surgeon and trainees. This one day course focussed on the basic principles of external fixation with an emphasis placed on the practical hands-on saw bone sessions.

Engineer beats trainee surgeons in a hip replacement competition!

“Excellent course. It was very useful and I learnt a lot especially the direct clinical application”

On the 5th December 2011 the MSk Lab ran an Acetabular Science and Technology Workshop, involving:  2 lecturers – Mr Derek McMinn and Professor Cobb – talking about the clinical applications and associated issues, five companies and twenty trainees hungry to develop their surgical knowledge.

I was prepared for a host of hitches, being the first time we had run this course, but it all ran very smoothly receiving extremely positive feedback from the companies and attendees alike. In the morning sessions there were presentations from B Braun, Ceramtec, JRI, Mathys and Stryker, giving an overview of their products and the differences between them.