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Mr Adeel Aqil wins a prize at the British Hip Society Conference 2014

On the 5th March 2014, Mr Adeel Aqil and other members of the MSk Lab research team attended the British Hip Society Annual Meeting in Exeter to present papers about their research findings.

The title of the paper Adeel submitted was:

Hip arthroplasty protects the good hip”

Essentially this study showed that hip arthroplasty normalises arthritic gait adaptations in both operated and normal legs. This normalisation of gait protects otherwise normal legs from high peak forces, which have been thought to predispose to osteoarthritis development. The hard work of Mr Aqil and all the other researchers involved in the study was acknowledged on the day and received extremely well with an award being granted to him.

JointPRO – facing the Imperial Dragons & winning awards

A huge congratulations is in order to the team at the MSk Lab who have been working on developing Joint Pro and putting in many hours to hone their presentations and pitches – which has really paid off. Within the space of a couple of weeks, Joint PRO has won two awards to continue developing the system ready for launch in the next couple of weeks.

Based on the success of social media in revolutionising the uploading and sharing of information, we have developed JointPRO, a remote web-based tool that electronically captures joint-specific patient reported outcomes (PROs), giving feedback to the patient, and relaying real-time information to the care provider.

Mr Kash Akhtar and the Winston Churchill Fellowship

Recently Mr Kash Akhtar was awarded a prize at the British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) 2013 Annual Conference for his work on assessing surgical skills using a Virtual Reality knee arthroscopy simulator, which is just one of his many achievements of late. The most prestigious was receiving a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship.

“I was surprised to be awarded the Fellowship as there is stiff competition with over 1200 people applying, for 100 places, from all walks of life with wide ranging and fascinating projects such as therapeutic horticulture, millinery, iron art casting, corporate social responsibility, renewable energy generation and the use of theatre in engaging marginalised young people.

Rosalind Marshall Claims Joint First Prize for her Research into Gait

I am currently a 5th year medical student at Imperial College School of Medicine (ICSM), and have been undertaking research within the MSk lab since my third year under the direction of Professor Cobb. I have been researching how gait changes after having a knee replacement using an ‘instrumented treadmill’, and whether we can produce a simpler way of looking at and translating the data.

In August, ICSM undergraduates were invited by the medical school’s Surgical Society in partnership with the Charing Cross academic vascular surgery department to submit research work that has been published or presented for the ‘Professor Alun Davies Prize for Undergraduate Research Excellence‘.

Richie Abel and his SSI Fellowship

November 2012. Richie has been awarded an SSI Fellowship from the Institute for Software Sustainability.

The institute is funded by a variety of organisations including the EPSRC (who also fund the Osteoarthritis Centre).

During the selection process Richie and the other shortlisted candidates gave a talk to SSI at an even hosted by Shoaib Sufi (bottom left) the Community Liaison.

The SSI aims to provide a range of help for developing sustainable research software packages such as PhaseQuant.

Congratulations to the Bone Boffin – can you spot him?