Month: July 2012

Professor Alison McGregor on carrying the Olympic Torch “I hope I don’t drop it!”

On Saturday 21st July, Professor Alison McGregor ran 300m of the Olympic Torch replay in Greenwich. She was selected along with two students, out of a vast number of applicants, to represent Imperial College London. She was nominated by the college for all her work supporting students at Imperials Boat Club – treating injuries and helping students organise and run conferences.

The whole process was amazing, starting off with an event on the first December 2011 for all higher education staff and students who had been selected to take part in the Olympic flame torch relay. Common to all people attending was the disbelief in why they had been selected when there were so many people doing so many wonderful things.

The Great Debate 2012 – Optimising Outcomes of Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

On the 29th and 30th June 2012, the MSk Lab organised a 2 day conference at the Mermaid Conference Centre. It was the 6th year this annual meeting has taken place, but the first time an educational institution has organised it. In previous years, Finsbury Orthopaedics and DePuy have been sole sponsors – making the event relatively closed to the broader spectrum of industry. However with Professor Cobb’s involvement over the years, his department took up the gauntlet of running the increasingly popular event going forward.

It is a highly interactive conference with time allocated for debates at the end of each session on ‘hot’ issues in hip and knee surgery, a chance for the delegates to vote on questions and text in comments related to the topics presented.