Month: May 2012

The MSk Lab, a soldier and a fairy tale. Edition 1

Welcome to our first edition newsletter which we will be publishing on a quarterly basis. Packed full of (what we hope you will find) interesting articles related to the work carried out here in the MSk Lab.

In this first edition, we want to welcome you to the MSk Lab and give a brief overview of what we do here – with more detailed information in subsequent editions.

Captain James Murly-Gotto was kind enough to allow us to use his story in the “Real Stories” section; a moving tale about his misfortune on the battle field in Afghanistan and how he can now walk again after having a knee reconstruction/replacement.

Would you make a good hip or knee surgeon?

On the 11th and 12th May 2012 the MSk Lab took part in the Imperial Festival, the first of its kind to be run. The Festival celebrates the College through hands-on demonstrations, music, comedy, dancing and art. All activities were free, open to the public and for all ages.

A huge marquee was erected on the Queens Lawn (South Kensington Campus) which housed a number of areas with different departments showcasing their research. The MSk Lab had an interactive stand whereby the visitors could have a go at simulation hip surgery with a robotic navigational tool and key-hole surgery on a knee.