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This blog aims to provide an informal mode of communication between undergraduates and staff in the Department of Life Sciences (DoLS). As I say in the Welcome post, it’s an experiment and, as with all things biological, is sure to evolve.

For now, the blog is primarily written by Stephen Curry, Director of Undergraduate Studies, but I aim in time to get other members of staff involved.

The business of running a successful undergraduate program in a busy department is a complicated one. Good communication is key. I hope you will find the blog a useful way to stay in touch with what is going on in the department and in your degree program. Please feel free to make suggestions for how we might improve it.

To leave a comment, you’ll have to supply a name and valid email address.  Check the box, and the system will remember you for next time. Your first comment will be held for moderation — I’ll get notified by email and will try to release it as soon as possible. After that you should be free to comment as you like.  If you put more than three URLs (links) in a comment, it may again be held for moderation, even if you’ve already been cleared. This is to help keep those nasty spammers away.

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