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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the courses that we offer and to show you how much we value your input, we are today publishing feedback from course convenors on the scores and comments that you provided through SOLE. The information covers courses that were completed in the Autumn term and are available as PDFs on Blackboard in the Second Yr Biology portal and in the Final Year portal.

Each course convenor has seen all the information gathered about their courses gathered through SOLE and composed a response, highlighting the things that students most appreciated and addressing features of the course that may have been less successful (and setting out changes that will be put in place to improve the course next year).

This process has been going on for some time now but has usually been largely invisible to students. We wanted to change that — to enrich the conversation we have with you about your education here in the department.

I very much hope you will read the responses that are relevant to you — since it shows how seriously the staff take their teaching responsibilities. Many have reported changes that will be put in place to address comments this year (as, of course, has happened in the past).

We are currently preparing responses to those courses that terminated in Jan/Feb and will endeavour to continue collating and publishing these responses for as long as people find it valuable.

If you have any comments on the process, please feel free.

Stephen Curry
March 2014

2 comments for “Feedback Feedback

  1. Emma Walmsley says:

    Dear Dr Curry,
    I’m a second year biochemistry student and I’m unable to locate the SOLE response on blackboard ce8. Where can I find it?

  2. Hi Emma

    The documents produced to date cover courses that were completed in the Autumn term and are available Blackboard in the Second Yr Biology portal and in the Final Year portal. I’ve checked and they are there.

    if you are looking for responses to your the SOLE on your 2nd year Biochem courses, these are being worked on now — I hope to have them up before the end of term.

    Hope that helps!

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