Month: July 2012

Publish and be praised

Congratulations are due to Dominic Swift, a biology student who has not only just graduated, but also become a published author.

Dominic’s account of his research into the effects of logging on primate populations, which was performed during the Uganda field-trip on the Tropical Biology course, has now appeared in Bioscience Horizons.

His supervisor, Prof Vincent Savolainen, is justifiably proud of Dominic’s work — as are we all.

If any other students have succeeded in publishing their results, please do let us know.

Good-bye and Good Luck!

Last week our final year students on all our Biochemistry, Biology and Biotechnology programs got their degree results and — in the vast majority of cases! — celebrated their success.

Many students seemed to be pleasantly surprised by their performance, suggesting perhaps that you tend to be harder on yourselves than your examiners, a lesson that first and second years might want to bear in mind. (The phenomenon, that able people tend to underestimate their abilities, is rather well known).

The Biochemists and Biotechnologist’s were the first to learn of their fate, on Thursday last.

And then on Friday it was the turn of the Biologists:

Congratulations to all our students!