Fluid Journeys


We are the proud students of the first ever cohort of the Fluid Mechanics Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) at Imperial College London. We started our studies for the program with the one year Masters in Research (MRes) in October 2014, with nervous excitement. We come from a wide range of backgrounds some of us having only studied abroad before, some only in the UK and others with a mixture. We also brought together different disciplines; mathematics, engineering and physics as well as varying amounts of industry experience. But, in hindsight, the most enriching aspect was definitely the wide variety of cultures that we share (Chinese, Indian, Welsh, English, Irish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese).

               First ever group photo!Capture

That’s us at the start of our first year, happy, ready to learn and not quite sure what we’ve signed up for, a year and a half on….we still don’t really know what we signed up for. Our first year and a half together has been full of adventures. We have had a lot of fun learning how to dance, making human pyramids, singing in karaoke, partying…


            Summer ball


             Christmas dinner


When we just feel fabulous…



Working on our transferable skills


Exquisite human pyramid skills!



First CDT wedding. Congratulations Steven & Alice!


Clearly it’s been a busy year, one of us even got married! But if you think we were just having fun that wasn’t the case. With a multitude of taught courses, coursework and masters project, we were kept more than occupied.Capture7


With all the work and fun, some of us became experts at napping…



Fortunately, we have all made it through the MRes and have started a heterogeneous range of exciting fluids PhD projects, of which we will be posting about through this blog. We will also be posting about our day to day lives as PhD students as well as CDT and other university events. We will also soon post a more detailed explanation for this blogging project and the reasons behind the selection of the blog name.

Upcoming events include the Imperial Festival in which we will be displaying the wonders of fluids to the public and our CDT Student Fluids Symposium:

You can also follow us on @FluidsCDT.


May the fluids flow through you…




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