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The UK’s energy community is actively blogging on all kinds of research, musings and ideas. Here we have collected together links to some of the best. If you think your blog should be on here then drop us an email and we’ll add it.

Birmingham Energy Institute
The Birmingham Energy Institute brings together more than 140 academics across the University of Birmingham engaged in energy and energy related research and development. The institute is a focal point for the University and its national and international partners, to create change in the way we deliver, consume and think about energy.

Energy Institute
The Energy Institute is the professional body for the energy industry, delivering good practice and professionalism across the depth and breadth of the sector.

Geoff Maitland
Professor Geoff Maitland is president of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and professor of Energy Engineering here at Imperial College London.

Grantham Institute, Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment
Base at Imperial College London the Grantham Institute’s mandate is to drive forward climate and environment related research, translating this into real world impact and communicating our knowledge to help shape decision-making.

IGov (Innovation, Governance and Affordability for a Sustainable Secure Economy ) is a four year research project aiming to understand and explain the nature of sustainable change within the energy system, focusing on the complex inter-relationships between governance and innovation.

James Keirstead
Dr Keirstaed is a Lecturer in urban energy systems at Imperial College London’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The Metric
A blog on the Environmental Performance Index and environmental performance measurement more broadly from the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy.

RCUK Energy Strategy Fellowship
The RCUK Energy Strategy Fellowship is a scheme funded by the UK’s research councils to mapping energy research needs and innovation systems.

Sussex Energy Group
The Sussex Energy Group undertakes academically rigorous, inter-disciplinary research that engages with policy-makers and practitioners. The aim of their research is to identify ways of achieving the transition to sustainable, low carbon energy systems whilst addressing other important policy objectives such as energy security.

Transforming Energy Demand through Digital Innovation
(TEDDINET) is a research network examining the interactions of people with digital technologies and the potential for smart metering to transform energy demand in the home and at work.

UCL Energy Institute
The UCL Energy Institute aims to deliver world-leading learning, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security.

UK Energy Research Centre
The UK Energy Research Centre
is funded by The Research Councils’ UK Energy Programme to act as a focal point for UK energy research and a gateway between the UK and the international energy research communities.



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