Information materials on electronic health records

Below you can find links to information materials on electronic health records and data sharing in the National Health Service (NHS). We started this list after identifying a need for an easily accessible selection of information materials on this topic, a ‘port of call’ as one of our research participants described it. We will continue to update this list and would welcome any recommendations:

1. Digital Challenge website: How a paperless NHS will improve services (Department of Health).

2. NHS Choices website: Information on health records and the NHS number.

3. NHS Choices website: How sharing information can help the NHS to provide better care and what this means for patients.

4. Information leaflet on the new GP data extraction service (NHS England).

5. A guide to support patients in accessing their own health records (Patient Information Forum).

6. A guide to accessing health records online (London Connect).

7. Information for carers: accessing someone else’s records (NHS Choices).

8. Detailed report on how the NHS upholds patient confidentiality (Department of Health).

9. An overview of legislation governing the use of personal data (

10. Recommendations on the use of personal data in the health service (Caldicott Review).

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