Millau Viaduct Blog Feed Day 4: Thursday

Toughest day of our lives… full and busy of work. All hands on the deck! Captain’s orders! (In other words, everyone needs to work on the bridge decks). Sections bolted in a straight line, plywood pieces for the decks put in place and a heavy pylon all set up to end the day with one bridge deck complete. Levelling took some time but it is more or less ready for launch. The other deck… not so much… It will need to be complete tomorrow morning but nevertheless, we are ALL EXCITED WAHEEEY for both deck launches over the piers. Doomsday has arrived. We’ll find out tomorrow if all our work has paid off…


ALL IN ALL (Seriously…):

  • Stronger start to the day again, plenty of work to be done and it was all completed. Deck launches set to be tomorrow (Day 5)
  • Stressful day with lots of staff questioning the team to ensure everything is on schedule
  • First deck close to launch, other deck not ready but should be completed and launched tomorrow
  • Rebar club resigned as they completed their job. They delivered fantastic work for us and have joined the deck team
  • An organised team is keen and planning to go in strong tomorrow and get the bridge completed
Millau Viaduct Team, Day 4, Bridge Deck Almost Complete!
Millau Viaduct Team, Day 4, Bridge Deck Almost Complete!

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