Millau Viaduct Blog Feed Day 3: Wednesday

FOUNDATIONS AND PIERS COMPLETE! A slight gleam of happiness and joy had soon become coldly clouded, by concrete trucks arriving but no formwork being ready. Despite the rainy start to the day, work shifted to top gear as the deck team started setting up both decks. Once the basics were set, all focus turned to the deck on the side where the pier was formed and ready. No impact sockets had meant that the team had to work tirelessly to tighten the most important bolts by a ratchet and socket. Slight havoc broke out as the team created the formwork for the bearing pads yet specific pieces were missing! OH NO! MY GOODNESS! No panic… swift woodwork got it formed in 10 minutes and we were set and ready to go. Yet another hard day of work, but nevertheless, there was strong progress (cheeky rhyme… and the day ended with a Corona and lime).


ALL IN ALL (Seriously…):

  • Stronger start to the day, work started quicker and the team had a brief meeting in the morning (as everyday)
  • Slight hiccup with the formwork for the bearing pads but it was corrected very quickly and efficiently
  • Both decks have been started. One deck (our ‘priority deck’) will be launched first (aim is to do it tomorrow on day 4)
  • Slight problem with tools yet the team dug deep to find the best they could for the job
  • Rebar Club stayed strong and did a terrific job today (as always!)
Millau Day 3
Millau Viaduct Team, Day 3, Sneaky Peak behind the basis of the bridge deck

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