Nuclear Island Blog Feed Day 1: Monday

  • Despite the team working well for the day we have fallen behind due to a few issues with equipment provided
  • The rebar provided was not the type that we required or ordered and so valuable time was spent trying to ensure that we could still build safely with this rebar.
  • Also bolts to hold the formwork together were not provided and proved difficult to find the required sizes for our formwork. This also meant that a lot of time was wasted causing us to be unable to pour the concrete at the end of the day as planned.
  • This leaves us with more to do tomorrow but the team is working well as a unit and the organisation and  communication of the group has improved drastically over the day.
  • It has been a steep learning curve and we were perhaps a little naive to assume that the materials provided are of sufficient standard and also a little optimistic in the times we estimated for completing tasks.

To follow our progress further we have twitter: @BirchamBNuclear



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