Going the extra mile

To say that my time at Clarity was boring and that I had nothing to do, would be a blatant lie. With the looming deadline for the release of the new product line hanging above us, we were constantly creating, constantly reformulating and improving, in order to provide Clarity’s customers with the best products. We were so busy with this work that unfortunately my project on the removal of triclosan from the hand washes was halted. However, the company saw the importance of the project that I was meant to undertake and gave me the opportunity to carry on with them for another four weeks, to focus solely on improving their antibacterial hand washes.
Through this experience I have realised that when it comes to cosmetics, a lot of the work done is mostly trial and error. For example, say you had a viscosity issue when it came to your products; you would conduct some research or call a chemical supplier to obtain a chemical that might solve the issue and would make a sample of your desired product with the acquired chemical at a recommended concentration; If this works you’ve solved your viscosity issue. If not, you would adjust the concentrations of the additional chemical or find another alternative. Such circumstances truly do try your patience, and at times you feel like forgetting about the product and moving on to the next one, but nothing can beat the satisfaction you feel when you persevere and fix the issue.

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