Second Set of Stripes

Week 1-2

Pitch Side Banners

IMG_3891 spikes april 2014 1

In June 2014, London Tigers Sports Complex was opened – a £2.2m state of the art facility which offers training, sports, youth, intergenerational and community facilities. As the centre of all of London Tigers’ sporting activities, it is home to:

  • 2 tennis courts
  • 2 cricket pitches
  • 3 lane cricket nets
  • 11-a-side artificial grass football pitch
  • Athletics running track

The park sees over 600 people pass through the complex daily and during summer it sees up to 1000 people per day. One of the ways in which the organisation could make use of these facilities and generate an additional income, is by displaying banners on the pitch side which local businesses could advertise on.  The sports complex facilities are available for hire so this location is great for attracting not only pedestrians passing through to Southall Broadway, but visitors from across London.

Using my trusty aide Google, I compiled list of local businesses, franchises and banks to approach in relation to the pitch side banners. For each one, made a contact sheet with the relevant person’s details. I then wrote a specific proposal letter in relation to just the banners, which could be emailed as a follow-up to somebody after the initial phone call.

Annual Achievement Awards

This will be held in October 2015 and aims to recognise the achievements of the young people from the past year. For it to be able to take place, we need to secure both corporate and small businesses as sponsors. Whilst looking at local businesses for the pitch side banners, I made a separate list of potential sponsors for the Awards Dinner. This included local supermarkets.

I also put together a Sponsorship Package as a PDF that could be either emailed or printed so that businesses have the flexibility in how they choose to support us.


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