Campus Services and Commercial Operations

Some changes have been made to enable Campus Services and the Office of Financial Strategy (OFS) to achieve their respective missions:

Campus Services, led by Jane Neary (Director of Campus Services), provides services for students, staff and the wider Imperial community.

The Office of Financial Strategy, led by John Anderson (Director of Financial Strategy), generates diversified revenues to be reinvested in the College’s academic mission.

In order to consolidate and strengthen the activities which contribute to these missions, all commercial activities have been transitioned out of Campus Services and into the Office of Financial Strategy, and the Early Years Education Centre (EYEC) has moved from HR to join Campus Services.

Campus Services now has the following portfolio of activities:
• Catering & College Events (led by Jemma Morris)
• Residential Services & the Student Hub (led by Paul Noke)
• Sport Imperial (led by Grant Danskine)
• Early Years Education Centre, EYEC (led by Tracy Halsey)

The commercial activities which were formerly part of Campus Services have joined the Office of Financial Strategy as a new department. Commercial Operations is led by Charles Gallagher (Head of Commercial Operations) and is made up of the following portfolio of activities:
• Summer Vacation Lettings
• Gradpad
• Commercial Conferencing & Events
• Commercial Sport

Both Campus Services and the Office of Financial Strategy will be working closely together and with the Provost’s Board over the coming months to develop their strategies going forward.

John Neilson
College Secretary & Registrar

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