New Ethics Code

The College has adopted a new Ethics Code in order to set out conduct expected from the College community to promote and support ethical behaviour. The Code will be effective from 1 November 2013.

The Code applies to all staff, students and other members of the College community. It is intended to provide a starting point to help members of the College to identify and tackle ethical issues faced in the course of their activities at Imperial. It provides that any ethical concerns should be raised either:

(a) in accordance with a specific policy or procedure; or

(b) (where the matter does not fall within a specific policy or procedure) with the relevant Head of Department/equivalent, who will either resolve the matter or escalate it to the College Cabinet (via the Head of the Central Secretariat) as appropriate.

In addition a supporting Relationship Review Policy has been adopted and will be effective from 1 November. This highlights the mechanisms through which staff and other members of the College community should consider whether there are any ethical concerns in connection with proposed and continuing relationships with third parties, and explains how the ethical review process dovetails with the existing College review processes in certain areas.

The Gift Acceptance Policy, now titled ‘Guidelines for accepting philanthropic income and other gifts’, has also been revised.

All staff are expected to familiarise themselves with the Code and the related policies that are relevant to their role. Staff responsible for its implementation will be contacted separately with details of training opportunities.

Read the Code and the Relationship Review Policy

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