Changes to the senior management of the College

A number of changes to the senior management of the College will come into effect over the coming months, as part of the transition to the new President and Provost model of governance for the College.

The President & Rector will focus primarily on the College’s external affairs, including development. Professor James Stirling, who is taking up the role of Provost role from 1 August, will be responsible for the delivery of the College’s core mission: education, research and translation.

The Provost will report directly to the President & Rector. Together they will have responsibility for the strategic direction of the College.

Changes from 1 March 2013

On 1 March there will be several changes of title to senior posts, but responsibilities will not alter:

• The Principals of the Faculties and of the Business School will become Deans of the Faculties and of the Business School

• The elected Deans of the Faculties will become College Consuls

• The Dean of Students will become the Director of Student Affairs

Development is one of the key functions of the President & Rector in the new model. Similarly, the President’s focus on external affairs will mean that the role of communications and public affairs will be key to the success of the President’s Office. For this reason, the Director of Communications and Development, Mr Tom Miller, will become the Director of Communications and Public Affairs, and continue to report to the President & Rector, and Dr John Mc Loughlin, appointed Director of Development on 1 January 2013, will report directly to the President & Rector from 1 March 2013.

Changes from 1 April 2013

The Deputy Principal of the Business School, Professor David Gann CBE, has agreed to take up a new appointment as Vice-President (Development and Innovation), reporting to the President & Rector. He will build on his role as a member of the College’s Development Board to advise on development strategy and capacity, as well as the commercial opportunities of Imperial West. He will retain his professorship in the Business School.

Changes from 1 August 2013

Further changes will take effect on 1 August to coincide with the Provost’s arrival.

• Professor Stephen Richardson FREng will move from his current position as Deputy Rector to become the Associate Provost (Institutional Affairs), with principal responsibility to advise on strategic Human Resource issues, including the College’s strategy for academic appointments, promotion, remuneration, retention and staff development. He will continue to lead on the preparation of the College’s submission to REF2014.

• The Pro-Rector (Research) will become the Vice-Provost (Research)

• The Pro-Rector (Education) will become the Vice-Provost (Education)

• The Pro-Rector (Enterprise) will become the Director of Enterprise, reporting to the Provost. The role will also move from part time to full time. As a result, Edward Astle has decided to step down with effect from 31 July. The College is indebted to him for the contribution which he has made over the last four years to improving our links with a broad range of international businesses.

• The Pro-Rector (International) will become the Director of International Affairs in the Office of the President

Reporting lines

From 1 August, the President & Rector’s direct reports will include:

• Provost
• Chief Financial Officer
• College Secretary and Registrar
• Vice-President (Development and Innovation)
• Director of International Affairs
• Director of Communications and Public Affairs
• Director of Development

The Provost’s direct reports will include:

• Associate Provost (Institutional Affairs)
• Dean of Engineering
• Dean of Medicine
• Dean of Natural Sciences
• Dean of the Imperial College Business School
• Vice-Provost (Research)
• Vice-Provost (Education)
• Director of HR
• Director of Enterprise

Further information on the new arrangements and committee structures will follow.

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