Pay Award for 2012-13

The College will be applying an increase to all Imperial College local pay scales on 1 August 2012.  The pay rates for all staff will increase by £800 or 1% – whichever is greater.  The pay award has been structured as a flat sum to provide most benefit to those on the starting and middle range salaries. The College local pay offer is twice the value of the national final pay offer of 1% in recognition of the particular pressures of living and working in London.  All staff earning below £80,000 will receive increases greater than the national pay offer. For those staff due to progress through the College’s incremental pay scales on 1 October, increases in pay will range from 4.26% to 6.46%.

The Joint Trades Unions, representing UCU, Unite and Unison, were not able to agree to this pay award. Further information on the pay negotiations is available on the Human Resources website.

The College has also reviewed the pay and benefits for those who work regularly on College sites but through contract services rather than as direct employees. As a result of this review, carried out in conjunction with the Joint Trades Unions, a College worker minimum pay rate will be introduced that contractors must apply to workers permanently assigned to work at the College. The College has been able to arrange for this rate to apply to the current cleaning contract in advance of the retender process next year. The College worker minimum pay rate of £7.25 per hour will take effect from 1 August 2012.

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