Update on redevelopment of space on Level 0 of Sherfield Building

The Design Briefing Advisory Board, established to work on the next stage of design work for Level 0 of the Sherfield Building, and including representatives from the Imperial College Union, the Holland Club, Commercial Services and the Senior Dean, has now completed its work with the architects.

A design brief for the space has been prepared, incorporating input from the Board and previous committees which have discussed the facility. The brief will be used by designers as the basis for developing the concept design for the facility.

The design brief stipulates that:

  • The space should be fully redesigned to maximise its potential and ensure the best possible service to customers.
  • The primary purpose of the new facility is to provide dedicated bar, catering and social spaces for postgraduate students and members of staff.
  • Some of the catering facility will be used to provide evening meals to undergraduate students, to the extent possible without compromising the facility‚Äôs primary purpose.
  • The look and feel of the space should be of a contemporary pub, with a warm and homely feeling that creates an environment for relaxation and conversation.

During the next stage of work designers will work with a College Project Board, which will consider all existing feedback and consult more widely where appropriate.

The tendering process, inviting bids from within the College to run the catering and bar services, will conclude in August. The College will award the tender to the provider or providers which most clearly meet the relevant criteria. They will be required to:

  • Provide a quality service to meet the high expectations of staff and postgraduate students.
  • Provide a modern catering service that reflects value for money for the College population.
  • Operate a pub service that will offer a high quality service.
  • Within the constraints of the agreed service and budget, provide good quality cuisine and service, a high standard of presentation and good variety utilising quality ingredients.
  • Provide customer service that is caring, responsive and as personal in nature as circumstances permit.
  • Provide an imaginative, innovative and highly professional approach to the services specified.
  • Both the catering and pub services will need to cover all costs including labour, cost of sales, utilities, cleaning costs and replacement of light equipment. Should a small surplus be made, this shall be retained by the service provider.