Research project into industry engagement and commercialisation at Imperial

Researchers in the Business School plan to analyse data about the activities of Imperial staff that involve engagement with industry. The goal of the project, funded by the EPSRC and the European Commission, is to explore the nature of the College’s engagement with industry and its commercial activities, in order to increase understanding of universities’ economic and social impact.

The Management Board and the Research Ethics Committee have given the research team approval to access College records on the patenting and licensing of inventions, creation of spin-off businesses, collaboration with industrial partners and consulting activities. The data will be compiled by the ICT Division. All records will be fully anonymised and no personal data, as defined in the Data Protection Act, will be made available for the research.

Staff who do not wish their data to be made available for this research project are able to opt out. To do so, and for further information about the project, visit the project’s website.