Author: Nigel MacCarthy

AMP Move – Laboratories Q and A Session

To All PhDs and Researchers

As you know we are due to move to the City and Guilds Building this August. Those of you who are using experimental facilities currently located in ACEX and RODH are invited to come to a “Briefing and Q&A session” in LT266, on Monday, 6 March at 2pm. During this session, Nigel and Spencer will be able to let you know the latest move plan and answer any questions you might have.

There will be another briefing session on office moves towards the end of June.

AMP Phase 4 Building work Commences

On the 20th February, the contractor Kier began the final phase of works that will see the Aeronautics part of CAGB completed. Laboratories and offices that are planned for the three levels of the building adjacent to Exhibition Road will be developed between now and the agreed handover date of 31st July 2017.

Sometime towards the end of the building works, the new Aeronautics Flight Simulator will arrive. The simulator is too big to enter the building via the corridors, so for this to be installed a section of the building facade on Exhibition Road will be need to be temporarily removed.

Welcome to 2017

Happy New Year to everyone.

This is the year Aeronautics moves into the new building. The planning for the move will intensify over coming months with the move date still scheduled for 31st July.

The move will take place over a six-week period divided into three 2-week blocks. The administration and offices destined for level 3 of the CAGB building will move first along with labs moving to level 2 of CAGB.

In the second two-week block, offices/open plan areas for CAGB level 2 will move along with labs on level 1.

In the third two-week block, open plan areas on level 1 will move.

There are a number of challenges that may lead to changes to the above plans. Namely the exact arrival date and installation of the Flight Simulator. In addition, the large 4-axis milling machine which will require specialist dismantling from its present location in ACE and re-installation to the new workshop on CAGB level 1.

Please note that the above planning is in early stages of development and therefore subject to change. Information on how the changes may affect you will be posted here with more detailed information being available from your supervisor or me directly.

Facilities News

Flight Arena
The construction of the new Flight Arena is well underway and is on schedule. A time-lapsed video of the construction so far, can be viewed here.



10×5 Wind Tunnel
The control rooms and instrumentation network are being installed at present. The tunnel will be complete by Christmas 2016/17 and commissioning will begin in January 2017.



Flight Simulator
The company XESA have been selected as the chosen supplier for the new full-motion Flight Simulator. The simulator will be housed in a dedicated simulator laboratory which is being constructed as part of the AMP phase 4 works.



Wind Tunnels T1 and T2
Both wind tunnels have arrived at Imperial and have been built. They are located in CAGB 203. The room in which they are housed will now be handed back to the main AMP contractor who will complete the services and functions of the lab. The lab and tunnels will be handed over to Aeronautics in July 2017.


Plans for the Move of Aeronautics

Planning is taking place for the move of the department. With handover being on the 24th July 2017, the offices, workshops and labs will move over in a phased 6 week period starting on the 31st July 2017.

Whilst we will do everything possible to keep service disruption to a minimum, please plan for potential disruption during the 6 week period.

More details of exactly who and what will move will be made available once the plans are finalised.

Confirmed Phase 4 Handover Date

The latest programme has been issued and confirmed by Imperial. This means that handover to the college from the contractor, Kier will be on the 24th July 2017. This will mark the end of the final phase 4 works which included the final fit-out for Aeronautics labs and offices in the CAGB building on the South-East corner of the South Kensington campus.