Month: February 2017

AMP Move – Laboratories Q and A Session

To All PhDs and Researchers

As you know we are due to move to the City and Guilds Building this August. Those of you who are using experimental facilities currently located in ACEX and RODH are invited to come to a “Briefing and Q&A session” in LT266, on Monday, 6 March at 2pm. During this session, Nigel and Spencer will be able to let you know the latest move plan and answer any questions you might have.

There will be another briefing session on office moves towards the end of June.

AMP Phase 4 Building work Commences

On the 20th February, the contractor Kier began the final phase of works that will see the Aeronautics part of CAGB completed. Laboratories and offices that are planned for the three levels of the building adjacent to Exhibition Road will be developed between now and the agreed handover date of 31st July 2017.

Sometime towards the end of the building works, the new Aeronautics Flight Simulator will arrive. The simulator is too big to enter the building via the corridors, so for this to be installed a section of the building facade on Exhibition Road will be need to be temporarily removed.