Month: June 2016

AMP Phase 3 works

The AMP Phase 3 refurbishment works are underway. MED offices and labs in the central core of the CAGB building from level 2 upward, have been decanted into the annexe spaces. There is currently no access to the main CAGB foyer which is also undergoing refurbishment.

The works in these areas are due for completion in Dec 2016. Following that, MED will recant into the main CAGB building allowing phase 4 to begin. This essentially involves building works on the annexe part of CAGB for Aeronautics to move in July 2017.

For those needing access to the southern end of CAGB, there is a swipe card entrance on Imperial College Road.

Supersonic Project Update

The contractor Russell Cawberry has been appointed to construct the new laboratory. They will work alongside the tunnel contractor, Quadratec to build the facility.

The expected start date for these works is 14th July with completion by the end of October 2016.

For users of the Gun Tunnel and ISP, there will be a period of disruption whilst the Nitrogen tank gets re-located and the entrance way built. Both of these events will be discussed with users and programmed to minimise downtime or other disturbance.