Month: June 2014

Supersonic Wind Tunnel

Imperial College has approved funding for a brand new Supersonic wind tunnel in Aeronautics. This will be co-located with the current high speed/pressure facilities in the annexe building attached to the corner of ACE. This part of Aeronautics will remain in the ACE annexe after the move of the department to the C&G building in 2017.

The building work is due to start after the Composites and Autoclave move across to their new location in the C&G building in March 2015. The project is expected to be completed by the Autumn of 2015. Our current Supersonic wind tunnel will not be affected by these works.

The project is to create a unique, highly-flexible high speed wind tunnel testing facility for fundamental and applied studies of transonic and supersonic air flows. In contrast with many supersonic tunnels in operation today, the new tunnel will be designed to maximise the use of modern instrumentation such as laser-based measurement systems. This feature is especially relevant in light of significant recent advances in flow measurement technology.