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Year 1 MEng Biomedical Bioengineering: BioMed&year=1

Year 1 MEng Molecular Bioengineering: Mol&year=1

Year 2 MEng Biomedical Bioengineering: BioMed&year=2

Year 2 MEng Molecular Bioengineering: Mol&year=2

Year 3, Year 4, intercalated BSc, and MSc:

You must complete the following URL with the codes for all the modules (given below) you are taking as shown in the examples here
Module codes for year 3, 4, BSc and MSc

Module codeModule name
BIOE96023Digital Biosignal Processing
BIOE96039Hearing and Speech Processing
BIOE96040Human Centred Design of Assistive and Rehabilitation Devices
BIOE96041Principles of Biomedical imaging
BIOE96043Biomedical Advanced & Computational Stress Analysis
BIOE96044Biomedical Instrumentation
BIOE96045Image processing
BIOE96046Foundations of Synthetic biology
BIOE96047Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
BIOE96048BEng Individual project
BIOE96050MEng Group project
BIOE96052Orthopaedic Biomechanics
BIOE96053BSc Group Project
BIOE96054Probability and Statistics for Bioengineering
BIOE96055Medical Device Entrepreneurship
BIOE96056Journal Club (BSc)
BIOE96057Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering
BIOE96062Physiological fluid mechanics
BIOE96068Programming 3
BIOE96071Biomaterials for Bioengineers
BIOE96072Advanced Imaging Technologies for Systems Biology
BIOE97026Advanced Chemical Sensors
BIOE97027Advanced Synthetic Biology
BIOE97031MSc Journal Club
BIOE97032Medical device certification
BIOE97033Modelling in biology
BIOE97040Computational neuroscience
BIOE97046Flow Imaging
BIOE97049Statistics and data analysis
BIOE97050Systems physiology
BIOE97051MEng Individual project
BIOE97052MSc HBR Individual project
BIOE97053MSc Individual project
BIOE97057Engineering in Cancer Therapy
BIOE97065Molecular and Tissue Imaging
BIOE97065Non-ionising Functional and Tissue Imaging (PG) level 7
BIOE97075Brain-machine interfaces
BIOE97089Human Neuromechanical Control and Learning
BIOE97105Bioengineering Research Project
BIOE97106Neurotechnology Research Project
BIOE97107Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship Research Project
BIOE97108Cancer Technology Research Project (PG)
BIOE97118Bioengineering Approaches to Cancer
BIOE97127Molecular, Cell and Tissue Biomechanics
BIOE97139Cellular and Molecular Mechanotransduction
BIOE97140Non-Ionising Functional and Tissue Imaging (UG) level 7
BIOE97141Mathematical Methods for Bioengineers
BIOE97142Statistical and Computational Methods for Research
BIOE97143Topics in Biomedical Engineering (PG)
BIOE97144Frontiers in Bioengineering Research
BIOE97145Topics in Bioengineering and Business
BIOE97146Topics in Neural Engineering (PG)
BIOE97147Frontiers in Neurotechnology Research (PG)
BIOE97153Bits, Brains and Behaviours (PG) level 7
BIOE97154Animal Locomotion and Bioinspired Robots
BIOE97160Advanced physiological monitoring and data analysis
BIOE97166Frontiers in Cancer Technology Research
BIOE97167Topics in Cancer Engineering
BIOE97171Advanced Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
BIOE97172Industrial Applications of Cellular Engineering
BIOE97173Nanotechnologies for cancer diagnosis and cancer therapy