Dr Sara Ghoreishizadeh


I am a Junior Research Fellow in the Electrical Engineering department at Imperial College London. I recieved a PhD in Microelectronics from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, in March 2015, following MSc and BSc degrees from Sharif University of Technology, Iran, in 2009 and 2007, respectively.

I joined the Centre for Bio-inspired Technology (CBIT) as a Research Associate in April 2015. Since December 2015 my research is supported by a three-year fellowship from Imperial College London. My research interest spans the broad area of analog/mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) and system design for applications in implantable and wearable medical devices for diagnostics. In particular, I explore innovative methods to co-design the readout electronics and micro and nano-scale biosensors in order to develop highly-sensitive and miniaturised biosensing Microsystems.

I am a member of IET, IEEE, and IEEE CAS, SSC and EMB societies. I am on the editorial board of the Journal of Microelectronics.
Here is my CV: short version, long version.


My current research themes include:

  • Heterogenous integration of sensors and readout electronics on CMOS technology
  • Autonomous circuit design for multiple-metabolite detection
  • Biosensor and circuit co-design for enhanced detection
  • Auto-calibration in amperometric electrochemical biosensors
  • Power transmission and data communication in multi-implant systems

  • Contact details

    Email: s.ghoreishizadeh14@imperial.ac.uk
    Phone: +44(207)59-40742 (Office)
    Office: B422, Bessemer Building
    Mailing address: Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
    Centre for Bio-inspired Technology
    Imperial College London
    London SW7 2AZ
    United Kingdom