Algebraic Geometry: Moduli Spaces, Birational Geometry and Derived Aspects, Oberwolfach, July 2020.
Gauge theory and virtual invariants, Dublin, May 2019.
Mirrors in the Midlands, Birmingham, April 2019.
Moonen 50, Nijmegen, Sept 2018.
Geometric correspondences of gauge theories, ESI Vienna, Sept 2018.
Workshop on Degenerate Contributions to Enumerative Invariants, Imperial, August 2018.
Enumerative Geometry Beyond Numbers, Berkeley, 2018.
Western Algebraic Geometry seminar, San Francisco, March 2018.
Gauge Theory and Special Holonomy, London, January 2018.
Geometry of manifolds, Simons Center, Stony Brook, October 2017.
Symplectic Geometry -- celebrating the work of Simon Donaldson, Cambridge, August 2017.
Interactions of Symplectic and Algebraic Geometry, Warwick, August 2017.
String Math 2016, Paris, June 2016.
Curves on surfaces and 3-folds, Lausanne, June 2016.
2nd British Algebraic Geometry meeting, Edinburgh, April 2016.
LMS Prospects in mathematics, Loughborough, December 2015.
Moduli spaces and their applications, Liverpool, September 2015.
Derived structures in geometry and representation theory, Oxford, September 2015.
2015 AMS Algebraic Geometry Summer Research Institute
Mathematische Arbeitstagung 2015, Bonn, June 2015.
Derived categories and birational geometry, Warwick, June 2015.
2015 Pinsky Lecture Series, Northwestern, April 2015.
British Mathematical Colloquium, Cambridge, April 2015.
Moduli Spaces and Derived Categories, Warwick, March 2015.
The Topology of Algebraic Varieties, IAS, Princeton, September 2014.
JDG Conference on Geometry and Topology, Harvard, September 2014.
British Algebraic Geometry BrAG meeting, Warwick, September 2014.
Algèbre, Géométrie et Physique: une conference en l'honneur de Maxim Kontsevich, IHES, June 2014.
Mathematics of string theory, King's College London, June 2014.
British Mathematical Colloquium, Queen Mary University of London, April 2014.
Clay Research Conference, Oxford, October 2013.
D-Days: A Panorama of Geometry. Conference in honor of Dietmar Salamon for his 60th birthday, Zürich, June 2013.
Spring Lectures in Algebraic Geometry, University of Michigan, April 2013.
Counting curves in algebraic varieties, Pavia, March 2013.
The geometry of sheaves in low dimensions, Ascona, Switzerland, January 2013.
String-Math 2012, Hausdorff Center, Bonn, July 2012.
School on Algebraic Geometry and Theoretical Physics, Warwick, July 2012.
Integrability, Hausdorff Center, Bonn, January 2012.
Complex Algebraic Geometry, Oberwolfach, Germany, September 2011.
New Developments in Stability and Moduli, Hangzhou, China, July 2011.
Gauge Theory and Complex Geometry, Leeds, July 2011.
Moduli spaces, Newton Institute, Cambridge, 2011.
International Congress of Mathematicians, Hyderabad, India, August 2010.
Young researchers in Mathematics 2010, Cambridge, March 2010.
Extremal Kähler metrics, Banff, June 2009.
British-Nordic congress of Mathematicians, Oslo, June 2009.
Geometry and Physics: Atiyah80, Edinburgh, April 2009.
Categorification and Geometrisation from Representation Theory, Glasgow, April 2009.
The conference on Geometry, Warsaw, April 2009.
Modern Moduli Theory, part of Algebraic Geometry, MSRI, Berkeley, Spring 2009.
Classical Algebraic Geometry Today, part of Algebraic Gometry, MSRI, Berkeley, Spring 2009.
Homological Mirror Symmetry, Miami, January 2009.
String Phenomenology 2008, Philadelphia, May 2008.
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Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry, Luminy, Marseille, January 2008.
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Gauge Theory and Representation Theory, IAS, Princeton, Novermber 2007.
Quaternionic structures in algebraic geometry, Glasgow, November 2007.
Fourier-Mukai and Nahm transforms, Montreal, August 2007.
Derived Categories, Utah, June 2007.
Workshop on Homological Mirror Symmetry and Applications I, IAS, Princeton, January 2007.
Topology of complex algebraic varieties, Sardinia, September 2006.
Geometry Conference in honour of Nigel Hitchin, Madrid, September 2006.
Extremal Kähler metrics and stability, ICMS Edinburgh, July 2006.
Geometry, Conformal Field Theory and String Theory, LMS Durham symposium, July 2005.
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Mathematics 2005, Liverpool, April 2005.
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The Geometry of String Theory, Toronto, January 2005.
Differential Geometry, Tokyo and Nagoya, December 2004.
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Geometry and Topology of String Theory, Northwestern, May 2004.
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Program on Differential Geometry, MSRI, Berkeley, August 2003-.
Hodge Theory in a New Century, Edinburgh, July 2003.
Geometry of Lagrangian Submanifolds , IPAM, UCLA, March - June, 2003.
Western Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Stanford, April 19-20, 2003.
International String theory conference, Hangzhou and Beijing, August 2002.
EDGE mid-term Summer Conference, Edinburgh, July - August 2002.
Higher dimensional complex geometry, Newton Institute, Cambridge, 2002.
Casson Invariants: 17 years on, UQAM, Montreal, April 2002.
Ninth Gokova geometry/topology conference, Turkey, May 2002.
Inaugural North British Mathematical Physics Seminar, Edinburgh, March 2002.
Special structures in differential geometry, LMS Durham symposium, August 2001.
The Duality Workshop: A Math/Physics Collaboration, Santa Barbara, July 2001.
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GAEL IX, Luminy, March 2001.
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Symplectic geometry and mirror symmetry, KIAS, Seoul, August 2000.
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Mirror symmetry, Clay Institute, Harvard, June 2000.
Gauge theory and calibrated geometry, Martina Franca, May 2000.
String theory and symplectic geometry, Kyoto, June 1999.
Perspectives in symplectic geometry, Cortona, June 1999.
Mirror symmetry, Harvard, January 1999.
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Complex differential geometry, Warwick, July 1997.
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