Ryan Barnett

Senior Lecturer
Director of Postgraduate Studies
Department of Mathematics
Imperial College London

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Research Interests

Systems of many particles evolving through the well-established theories of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics often collectively organise themselves in elegant ways. As a condensed matter theorist, my research aims to predict and understand such behaviour from a microscopic basis. I am particularly interested in systems where quantum mechanics and interactions play a crucial role. My group's research has a particular focus on collective effects in ultracold atomic gases. It is often straightforward to write down a simple and intuitive effective Hamiltonian which captures the relevant physics of these systems, but these Hamiltonians can be difficult to solve and can exhibit rich behaviour. Topics ('keywords') of current research include: interacting topological band models, non-equilibrium quantum dynamics, spinor condensates, Majorana fermions, and quantum vortices.


I am currently teaching Quantum Mechanics II which is offered in Spring term. More information on current and past teaching is given here.

Research Group

Information for prospective students is here.

Academic Bio

Since Fall 2012 I have been in the Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics section of the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London. I received my PhD in Physics from Harvard University in 2006, after which I held postdoctoral fellowships at Caltech and the Joint Quantum Institute. More details are in my CV (updated intermittently).


Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
Mathematical Physics Group
Imperial QuEST
Controled Quantum Dynamics
Hubbard Theory Consortium

Previous Affiliations

Joint Quantum Institute
UMD Condensed Matter Theory Center
Caltech CMT
Harvard CMT