Ryan Barnett

Senior Lecturer in Condensed Matter Theory
Department of Mathematics
Imperial College London

Research Interests

Systems of many particles evolving through the well-established theories of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics often collectively organize themselves in elegant ways. As a condensed matter theorist, my research aims to predict and understand such behavior from a microscopic basis. I am particularly interested in systems where quantum mechanics and interactions play a crucial role. My research has a particular focus on collective effects in ultracold atomic gases.

Current research investigates several aspects of spinor condensates (an excellent recent review is here), including a geometrical description of their properties. I am also interested in the behavior of ultracold atoms under the presence of external gauge fields . It was recently demonstrated that a large class of gauge fields can be realized by optical methods. This makes it possible to realize cold-atom systems with non-abelian gauge fields and spin-orbit coupling, which can result in many-particle phases with interesting topological properties.


During spring term 2017, I am teaching Tensor Calculus and General Relativity.

PhD Students

Current students: Bogdan Galilo, Luca Mingarelli, and Bruno Murta.

Graduated students: Dr Matjaž Payrits

Academic Bio

Since Fall 2012 I have been in the Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics section of the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London. I received my PhD in Physics from Harvard University in 2006, after which I held postdoctoral fellowships at Caltech and the Joint Quantum Institute. More details are in my CV (updated intermittently).

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