Nov 2019


Ed Sherman (2008-2012):Field theoretic RG (Thesis, publications (2))
Seng Cheang (2009-2014):Synchronisation (Thesis, publications [37])
Gary Willis (with A Parry, 2011-2015):Wetting and the Manna Model (Thesis, publications [42], [52])
Christopher Rochester (with A Kornyshev, 2012-2016):Electrolytes in pores (Thesis, publications [34], [43], [48], [50])
Nanxin Wei (2014-2020):Field theory in SOC and networks (publications [49], (5))
Saoirse Amarteifio (2014-2019):Emergent constraints (Thesis, publications [58], (2), (4))
Ignacio Bordeu Weldt (with H Jensen and S Habib, 2015-):Pattern formation (Thesis, publications [57], (1), (5))
Johannes Pausch (with A Parry, 2015-2019):Wetting and microtubule growth (Thesis, publications [56], [59])
David Nesbitt (with C F Lee, 2015-):Active media (publications [53] (4))
Benjamin Walter (2016-):First passage times (publications [56], (5))
Rosalba Garcia Millan (2016-):SOC and reaction-diffusion in cells (publications [54], [56], (5))
Gcina Maziya (with N Moloney, 2017-):Random exploration of space
Luca Cocconi (with G Salbreux, 2018-):Morphogenesis
Ziluo Zhang (Jan 2019-):Field theory on general graphs
Zigan Zhen (Oct 2019-):Entropy production, relation to information and large deviations in active matter
Marius Bothe (Oct 2019-):Field theory of Levy walks and Levy flights

MSci and MSc

Seng Cheang (2007/2008):Edwards-Wilkinson equation with von Neumann boundary condition and drift term [30]
Daniel Walker (2008/2009):Self organised branching process
Katy Rubin (2009/2010):Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process with absorbing wall [35]
Jules Morand (2010, MSc with Prof. K. Christensen):Predictability in Oslo Rice-pile model
Giner Baldo (2012, final year project):The Manna Model with surface diffusion
Aman Pujara (2013/2014, final year project):Scaling of the number of distinct sites visited by a branching random walker
Stefan Nekovar (2013/2014, final year project):Field theory of the Wiener Sausage [44]
Simone Cenci (2015, final year project, with Dr C F Lee):The stationary state of the contact process
Dmitry Veselov (201--2018 Applied MSc project):The Manna Model with finite and long-range interaction
David Nesbitt (2015, MSc/PhD, with Dr C F Lee): Active fluid mechanics: Actomyosin networks and tissue regeneration [53]
Benjamin Walter (2016, project, with G Salbreux): T1 transition frequency in tissue formation
Brandon Annesi (2016, final year project): Field theory for run and tumble
Kenneth Yiu (2016/2017, final year project): Entropy production in Doi-Peliti field theories
Mir Faruk (2016, final year project): Exact RG applied to the critical Casimir effect
Anne-Mieke Reijne (2017, Erasmus student, U Amsterdam, final year project): Statistical mechanics approach to root morphology
Abdulrahim Al Balushi (2017, final year project, with I Bordeu-Weldt): Diffusion on quenched-random meshes
Ziluo Zhang (2017, final year project, with R Garcia-Milan): Matsubara sums
Luca Cocconi (2017/2018, final year project, with B Walter): Exact RG applied to non-equilibrium systems
Adam Collins (2018/2019, MSci, with L Cocconi): Scaling of the critical colonisation rate in the contact process
Letian Chen (2019/2020, MSci): Correlations in the Manna Model

Student Prizes

Stefania Calabretta, Riva Desai, Kim Mroz, Cong Zhang Winton Capital Prize 2009 (2nd year project)
James Hefford UROP prize for Hawking Radiation in Doi-Peliti Field Theories
Rosalba Garcia-Millan Doris Chen PhD Merit Award
Bianca Buturca UROP prize for Entropy production in stochastic processes


Summer 2019

Bianca Buturca (with L Cocconi and R Garcia Millan)
Yiqiu Zhang (with L Cocconi)
Emre Ozer (with I Bordeu)

Summer 2018

Umut Özer (with R Garcia Millan)