Ed Sherman (2008-2012):Field theoretic RG (Thesis, publications (2))
Seng Cheang (2009-2014):Synchronisation (Thesis, publications [37])
Gary Willis (with A Parry, 2011-2015):Wetting and the Manna Model (Thesis, publications [42], (3))
Christopher Rochester (with A Kornyshev, 2012-2016):Electrolytes in pores (Thesis, publications [34], [43], [48], [50])
Nanxin Wei (2014-):Field theory in SOC and networks (publications [49])
Saoirse Amarteifio (2014-):Emergent constraints
Ignacio Bordeu Weldt (with H Jensen and S Habib, 2015-):Pattern formation
Johannes Pausch (with A Parry, 2015-):Wetting
David Nesbitt (with C F Lee, 2015-):Active media
Benjamin Walter (2016-):Field theory in networks (et al.)
Rosalba Garcia Millan (2016-):SOC and reaction-diffusion in cells (publications (6))
Gcina Maziya (with N Moloney, 2017-):Random exploration of space

MSci and MSc

Seng Cheang (2007/2008):Edwards-Wilkinson equation with von Neumann boundary condition and drift term [30]
Daniel Walker (2008/2009):Self organised branching process
Katy Rubin (2009/2010):Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process with absorbing wall [35]
Jules Morand (2010, MSc with Prof. K. Christensen):Predictability in Oslo Rice-pile model
Giner Baldo (2012, final year project):The Manna Model with surface diffusion
Aman Pujara (2013/2014, final year project):Scaling of the number of distinct sites visited by a branching random walker
Stefan Nekovar (2013/2014, final year project):Field theory of the Wiener Sausage [44]
Simone Cenci (2015, final year project, with Dr C F Lee):The stationary state of the contact process
Dmitry Veselov (2015, 2016 Applied MSc project):The Manna Model with finite and long-range interaction
David Nesbitt (2015, PhD, with Dr C F Lee): Active fluid mechanics: Actomyosin networks and tissue regeneration (5)
Benjamin Walter (2016, project, with G Salbreux): T1 transition frequency in tissue formation
Brandon Annesi (2016, final year project): Field theory for run and tumble
Kenneth Yiu (2016/2017, final year project): Entropy production in Doi-Peliti field theories
Mir Faruk (2016, final year project): Exact RG applied to the critical Casimir effect
Anne-Mieke Reijne (2017, Erasmus student, U Amsterdam, final year project): Statistical mechanics approach to root morphology
Abdulrahim Al Balushi (2017, final year project, with I Bordeu-Weldt): Diffusion on quenched-random meshes
Ziluo Zhang (2017, final year project, with R Garcia-Milan): Matsubara sums
Luca Cocconi (2017/2018, final year project, with B Walter): Exact RG applied to non-equilibrium systems

Student Prizes

Stefania Calabretta, Riva Desai, Kim Mroz, Cong Zhang   Winton Capital Prize 2009 (2nd year project)
James Hefford Hawking Radiation in Doi-Peliti Field Theories UROP prize