Descriptions of some PhD projects that I have in mind. Talk to me, if you find one of them or their combination interesting and challenging.

[1: PARTIALLY TAKEN] Gulf Stream Dynamics with Primitive Equations (my favorite one)

[2] General Circulation of the Red Sea (exotic and pioneering study)

[3: PARTIALLY TAKEN] Parameterization of the Oceanic Eddy Backscatter

[4: TAKEN] Material Transport and Stirring in the Ocean (Lagrangian effects and methods)

[5] Data-Driven Reduced Models (mathematics of statistical/stochastic models)

[6: PARTIALLY TAKEN] Rossby Waves in Inhomogeneous Media (this is high-risk/high-reward dynamical killer)

[7: TAKEN] Isolated Coherent Vortices in Geostrophic Turbulence

[8: TAKEN] Conundrum of Multiple Jets and Eddies: Large-Scale Flow Effects

[9] Atlantic-Pacific Decadal Teleconnections in Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Models

If you have your own project ideas, do not hesitate to propose them, as I am not fixed on the above-listed ideas. If needed, any of the listed projects can be downscaled and reformatted into a Master Degree research project.