PhD Position on Data-driven derivation of stochastic climate models,
Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London
Supervisor: Dr G.A. Pavliotis (g.pavliotis@imperial.ac.uk);
co-Supervisor: Dr C.J. Cotter (colin.cotter@imperial.ac.uk)
Funded by the Grantham Institute for Climate Change.

The detailed project description can be found at


Funding Notes:

Up to 10 Grantham-funded studentships will be available from October
2013, for new students. Studentships cover home/EU fees and bursary for
three years and are open to UK and EU candidates, as well as overseas
candidates who would be able to pay the difference between home and
overseas fees. Further details of the fees payable by overseas students
are available on the College website


[1] C.J. Cotter and G. Pavliotis, Estimating eddy diffusivities from
noisy Lagrangian observations, Commun.
Math. Sci. (2009).
[2] F. Kwasniok and G. Lohmann. Deriving dynamical models from
paleoclimatic records: application to
glacial millennial-scale climate variability. Phys. Rev. E. (2009).
[3] G.A. Pavliotis and A.M. Stuart, Parameter estimation for multiscale
diffusions, J. Stat. Phys. (2007).

Applicants should contact the supervisors (Dr. G.A. Pavliotis,
g.pavliotis@imperial.ac.uk  and Dr C.J. Cotter,
colin.cotter@imperial.ac.uk) directly in order to discuss the potential
projects and submit a CV, covering letter and the names of two academic
referees. Supervisors will advise students of any further/alternative
departmental requirements. The latest date for applications to
supervisors is *1 February 2013. * Interviews are expected to be held in
mid February.

Further information about the Grantham Institute PhD Studentships can be
found at







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