Onur Teymur

I am in the last year of a PhD at Imperial College London, supervised by Dr Ben Calderhead.
My recent research focus has been broadly in step with the emerging field of probabilistic numerical methods.

How are ya, champ?

Not so bad, thanks for asking.

Four-line CV

2003-6 BA Mathematics, University of Cambridge
2013-14 MSc Statistics, Imperial College London
2014- PhD Statistics, Imperial College London

From 2006 to 2013 I worked as a consulting engineer at Max Fordham LLP.


1. Teymur, Lie, Sullivan & Calderhead (2018)  Implicit Probabilistic Integrators for ODEs;  NIPS 2018 & arXiv:1805.07970
2. Teymur, Zygalakis & Calderhead (2016)  Probabilistic Linear Multistep Methods;  NIPS 2016 & arXiv:1610.08417